How do I catch a new Pokemon Go raid?

Pokemon Go raids have recently been a hot topic on the internet, with players worldwide trying to catch the elusive creatures. But where do they go? This blog has the answer – by providing tips and tricks on how to catch Pokemon go raids easily and efficiently. From knowing the best places to find them to use specific strategies, this blog will help you catch your next raid!

What are the best Pokemon go raids?

The best raids to participate in right now are those that have high bonuses and great rewards. Raids with these characteristics usually have a three-person minimum requirement, start at 7 pm EST / 4 am GMT, and last around 20 minutes. So make sure to sign up for raids when they go live and have at least three people on your team!

How do you get to level 5 in pokemon go?

To level up your Pokemon Go raid team and catch more powerful Pokemon, you’ll need to use a Razz Berry. These berries help your Pokemon evolve into higher levels, giving you better abilities to use in raids.

As mentioned earlier, pokemon go is constantly evolving – so be sure to check back often for new updates. Additionally, play with friends as co-op raids are a great way to level up your team even faster.

Which is better: gym battles or raid battles?

Raid battles are considered the best way to catch new Pokemon Go raid since you’re up against other players and can potentially obtain rare monsters. In raid battles, you can also attempt to defeat powerful raid bosses that may reward you with rare items or even rare Pokemon Go raid.

However, gym battles offer a higher chance of obtaining powerful Pokemon that may be helpful to your team. Rids are the way to go if you’re looking for the fastest way to level up your Pokemon Go characters.

Is there a way to know when the raids will be held?

The best way to know when raids will be held is by checking the game’s live map. This will show you where your area’s most active raids are currently. If you’re looking for specific raids, use the official raid schedule and check if any raids are currently being held in your area. You can also try using outdoor tracking devices, such as lure modules and incense sticks, to help attract wild Pokemon Go raid near your location.

Can I use the map in Pokemon Go to find nearby pokestops and gyms?

Yes, you can use the map in Pokemon Go raid to find nearby pokestops and gyms. Open the app and click “My Locations” under the main menu. You will then see all the places nearby—Pokestops and gyms.

What is a raid, and how do you play them?

Raids are a big part of the gameplay in Pokémon GO, and they’re a great way to make friends and increase your chances of capturing rare Pokemon.

To participate in a raid, you team up with other players to defeat the opposing team. The more players who joined, the more difficult the raid became, and the greater your chances of capturing rare Pokemon.

You can join raids either through an invite or by searching for raids nearby on the app. And make sure to stay sharp—raids become increasingly difficult as the number of players increases. So go out and capture those legendary Pokémon!


Are you looking for a new challenge in Pokemon Go? If so, then you’re in luck! Our blog has the answers you need to help you catch a new raid, and it’s all right here! From tips on how to find the right raid to how to beat it, we’ve got everything you need to get started. So what are you waiting for? Catch a new raid today!

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